Social networking

March 26, 2008

Social networking: scope for fantastic opportunities to communicate with a broad range of young people.

Numerous challenges to be tackled to create a safe environment for young people and practitioners to consult and participate regarding youth provision and development.


  • Identify council barriers to social networking platforms for business purposes, in particular engagement with young people
  • Identify best practice usage of such sites for engagement with young people and wide groups of interest
  • Propose a DCC Policy to support continued use of such sites for business usage in particular engagement and communication with clients
  • Identify and propose a process for which access to administer such sites on behalf of DCC can be managed.

 Work plan for next month:

Policy development – need to check what currently exists?

Framework for practitioner and young peoples protection

Contact & Collate advice from current advisory organisations/agencies on social networking policy development

Set up basic Bebo & Facebook account to explore functions and possibilities.

 Organisations / Agencies that offer advice and information: NSPCC 0808 800 5000 ThinkU KnowChild Exploitation and Online Protection CentreTelephone: +44 (0)870 000 3344
 Get Safe Online

International Youth Advisory Congress (IYAC)

July 2008 sees the first ever International Youth Advisory Congress (IYAC) as up to 200 young people and children from all around the world come together in London to meet with representatives from across government, the police, child protection communities and the online and mobile industries.  The theme is online safety and security.   


We have blast off!

March 26, 2008