Thoughts on Social Network Sites

Benefits of using Social Network Sites.


Voluntary engagement of young people on line, the power differential of choice, young people decided if they want to engage and contribute.  There is no obligation and there is the removal of the pressure to appease the adult.


Young people need to have clearly understanding about how, where and to whom their contributions will be submitted.  Also how they will receive feedback and what change/difference if any taken place. Accountability and clear explanation of the participation process – communication and cycle.


Initial trail use of social network sites would be inviting young people whom attend a ‘live/real’ youth provision and have regularly contact with a youth practitioner.  If any issues of arise during the trail, these can be resolved through positive reflective engagement.


Interpretation of words and dialogue of the WRITTEN WORD express by young people.


 I have a concern for misinterpretation by adults over reacting to young people views and opinions.  In my observations and experience we tend to hear and listen selectively however, with written evidence of dialogues and opinions of young people there is the possibility of adults over reacting. 


There needs to be clear consultation, debate and discussion with young people and adults about how the policy and framework will guide young people and practitioners on how to respond to issues of clear inappropriate comments are being submitted – young person/group submitting sexually explicit words, abusive language, racists comments, homophonic comments.


I would anticipate that once comments are removed that an appropriate identified practitioner would contact the young person/group and review the situation facilitating discussion, reflection and learning about their views/opinions and the repercussions on others and themselves.  There is a necessity to promote reflective and critical thinking amongst young people but also adults!


What about the ‘grey’ area?


This raises issues regarding young people’s value bases, ethics and morality in contrast to some practitioners or adults in regards to how they may express themselves through there comments or visually images on a SNS.


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