Safegaurding Young People on SNS


Safeguarding young people on SNS

Topics to consider:

Ø      Privacy policy

Ø      Data Protection Act

Ø      Acceptable Behaviour

Ø      Child Protection Protocol – South West Child Protection Procedures

Ø      Use of photographic/film images – consent of young person


Websites to check out:

Channel 4


Information commissioners Office

Direct Gov

Direct Gov Young people


Ø      What is your organisational standard policy? (Peter Hoskins)

Ø      Complaints procedure?


The public should have ‘fair processing information guidance’ before they provide personal information that can identity them.

Ø      Who will use the information?

Ø      How the information will be used?

Ø      Will it be passed on to others? For what purpose?


Social network sites:

Ø      Young person submits request to be a friend:

Ø       Status of the their profile – need to request that it’s not public but on setting ‘friends only’

Ø      Welcome e-mail sent to each young person when they are accepted as a friend to profile.

Ø      Terms of reference/acceptable behaviour


E-mail that is sent to each yp that joins the Youth Participation profile.

Young people have feedback that they understand the content and that the terms were acceptable.

Welcome to Youth Participation Team.

Hi, thanks for becoming a friend of youth participation team.  You have an opportunity to get ur views heard by youth management about issues that are important to you. 


There are lots of different ways to get ur views heard –  writing your views/questions on facebook, coming along to an events or blogging on 


I shall never share any of your information/views/questions without gaining your permission before hand.  We will always clearly explain where and how your information will be used and feedback what change/difference your involvement has made.


It is IMPORTANT that everyone is treated with respect and consideration. I will NOT allow offensive, homophobic or racists comments on my page.  If this does happen they will be removed and your youth worker/Connexions worker will be contacted to discuss the situation.

If you have any concerns or complaints please don’t hesitate to e-mail/contact me.  All complaints/concerns will be investigated.



Terms of reference for joining and contributing to a group on GETURVOICEHEARD profile


Group’s discussion board, area managed by administrator:

Pre-moderation – every single message is checked before it appears on the board. All of the GETURVOICEHEARD message boards are supervised in this way.

Post-moderation – all messages appear on the board first and are checked afterwards. Most GETURVOICEHEARD message boards are supervised in this way.

Reactive moderation – messages are only checked if a complaint is made about them. This approach is only used on boards for adults.


Young people wanting to link a website to the discussion, to be approved by administrator:

 Example below by Radio 1


Disclosure of information

Where a disclosure of information is required by Child Support Legislation the disclosure will not be in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.

This will be the case even though the client may object to the disclosure of their personal information or may not have provided any specific permission to disclose the information.

For example Regulation 9A of the Child Support (Information, Evidence and Disclosure) Regulations 1992 permits the disclosure of information given by one party to the other party in certain circumstances.



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