On-line SNS – Youth Culture

Introduction and expectations;


Katie Bacon: utilising on-line social networking platforms to establish contact with vulnerable groups of young people across Devon.  To promote youth participation and consultation in the development and delivery of Children’s Trust.


Ø      Plan of action and allocation of responsibilities to create ‘Risk Assessment’ policy in regarding to staff and youth

Ø      Consultation (Kongomana -youth festival)   with young people on risk assessment policy and format of social network page for youth participation team.


Carl Haggerty: Exploration of utilising accessible Web2.0 formats (social-net works/chat rooms/ blogs) for particular DCC customer base (young people across Devon) to facilitate/promote enhance service delivery from DCC.


Ø      Identify business case for future investment of DCC resources allocation

Ø      Risk assessment policy for DCC


Tim Davies: Promoting and advising safe use of on-line social network to engage and promote participation with on-line youth culture.  Developing Action Research on on-line social networking


Ø      Researching and advising accordingly on the development of DCC use of web2.0 platforms to promote youth participation and consultation within DCC.


John Calvert: Leading on development of web page that offers sports/recreational information and promotes ‘Positive Activities’ for Devon youth.


Ø      Supporting development of youth participation social network page

Ø      Links to social network to promote ‘Positive Activities’ web page


Tim Lowther: As Media, design and production co-ordinator of Connexions Cornwall and Devon, the development of our website is one of my responsibilities. Connexions Cornwall and Devon currently are developing an interactive area within our own site, due to go live within a couple of months. To complement this, and in response to feedback from our youth advisory groups, we are also keen to explore the possibilities that social networking sites may proffer our work with young people.


Lesley Slater: Link worker for children and young people accessing libraries services across Devon (internet access).


Ø      Review of current Library policy for young people’s access to internet and social networking sites.

Ø      Promotion of safe on-line use

Ø      Consultation in partnership at Kongomana with Carl Haggerty/Katie Bacon


Update of Current situation:


Carl Haggerty & Katie Bacon:  Planning delivery of creative, fun and interactive consultation at Kongomana


Ø      Development of risk assessment policy; Devon County Council & Young people’s criteria (large interactive sticky wall, young people can ‘create’ the policy, take photographical evidence.  Young people can sign up to be e-mailed with suggested risk assessment policies, poll to decide risk assessment that is approved by young people, reviewed by DCC management)

Ø      Young people invited to design the DCC Youth Participation Facebook, BEBO and MySpace pages; utilising mobile bus which has laptops, internet access and white screen. 


Tim Davies : Update please submit


John Calvert:


Ø      Online Directory of Positive Activities for young people in Devon and Torbay is being developed. Directory is based on the existing Community Directory run by the library Service.

Ø      Directory will be supported by DCC Customer Services Helpline.

Ø      Promotion the directory will be through radio/newspaper ads and promotion goods including pens, water bottles and key ring.

Ø      Film production company are working with UK Youth parliament group to produce a promotional DVD and shorter web version.

Ø      Directory will be promoted in schools and colleges during the Autumn term 2008.





Anxiety/fear from professionals relating to issues surrounding; disclosure of personal information, grooming, paedophilia and cyber bullying.

Presentation/Informing management of the realities of current youth cultural and necessity for promoting safe cyber use.

Systematic promotion of safe cyber use to young people through variety of accessible format (workshops, leaflets & websites)

Risk assessment policy to protect young people and staff


Creative engagement with young people at youth festival to devolvement risk assessment that addresses risk assessment criteria

Management/Decision makers not aware or skilled in utilising on-line social network sites – Cultural barrier

Delivery presentations/information to inform, educate and train key personal; added value & instant communication with Devon young people.

Promote awareness regarding current on-line youth culture i.e. Average young person is on-line 2hrs a day.

Level of ‘conversational’ engagement on-line with young people.

Team to strategically plan the level on engagement with young people against the level of risk and required resources.

Cost of expanding networks to manage board-band network traffic on system.

Collate evidence that on-line social networks are valuable tools for creative engagement with Devon youth.  Submit bids for future resources March 2009.

Barriers/Challenges to on-line Social networking; Creative solutions


Explanation of understanding on-line social networking – Tim Davies


View on-line social networks as a music festival, many stages and stores all over the event.  Some of interest to an individual or group there is individual choice of engagement and what level depending on the accessibility from the provider.  This could range from just sign posting, giving out messages, posting conversations, space for dialogue/ conversations.


Group discussion exploring the entry point on the continuum regarding on line social networks and consultation with young people 



Social model of engagement                                          Sign Posting to engagement

Hosting discussion

Setting topic matter

One click become friend

Able to upload info onto home page

Directed to existing web sites – Forums

Poll vote

Monitoring and hosting discussion

Individuals invited to participate in discussion

Low risk

High risk















Agreed action/tasks prior to next meeting:


Tim Davies


Ø      Attend Devon County Council to further explain the options and solutions of establishing on-line consultation through social networks.  June 17th

Ø      Work in partnership with Carl Haggerty and Katie Bacon in delivering an Online Social network ‘Risk assessment’ policy at Kongomana  July 25th


John Calvert


Ø      Liaise with Tim Davies to arrange funding to cover costs to attend meeting in June and Kongomana

Ø      Forward invitation to appropriate individuals to join team for working lunch on June 17th.  (Katie Bacon to arrange room, order lunch and draft invite)


Katie Bacon


Ø      Type up minutes from meeting and draft invite to be forward to appropriate practitioners for working lunch on June 17th.

Ø      Arrange room booking and order lunch (Invoice to John Calvert)

Ø      Meet with Carl Haggerty to plan and design risk assessment consultation for Kongomana June 10th

Ø      E-mail Lesley to maintain exchange of information regarding risk assessment consultation at Kongomana.

Ø      Invite young people to participate in developing / planning the consultation 

(UKYP, YPSF, Connex groups initially)


Carl Haggerty


Ø      Meet with Katie Bacon to plan and design consultation for Kongomana June 10th


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